ATL Area Electronic Music Production Classes

Sunday at WaBa Replay at Gwinnett Place Mall, Professional Producer/DJ’s Memory Splice will be doing two free sessions for anyone interested in learning Electronic Music production.
The focus of the 8 week group class focuses on teaching the music and tech skills that apply to ALL Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), the backbone of the modern Electronic Music studio and the skills needed for all musical genres. We will be teaching the knowledge and skills you need to produce contemporary music.
Memory Splice at Waba Replay

Studio Space at Waba

These intro sessions will go over what is required tech wise to start music production (Hint- it’s not what you may think and you likely already have them).
For those who have some experience with music production already, there are also private courses to help you learn the skills to take your musical aspirations to the next level!
Pro Audio Tech Support Services are also available at Waba.
Learn, Lab and Level Up at Waba Replay and Flow Factory!
Sunday March 6, 2016- 2:30pm and 5:00pm
Group Classes Start Sunday March 20th.
Call of Text- 770-376-8755